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Range of 20ft general purpose, 40ft general purpose and 40ft High Cube shipping containers, available to buy or hire all across Greater London.

Brand New Shipping Containers

(One way)

Brand New Shipping Containers (One way) are built to a very high specification. They have only made one sea journey from China to the UK.
There is a slight difference between the price of new and used shipping containers, although there can be a significant difference in quality, durability and look.

New Shipping containers have five vents on each side which help prevent the probability of condensation, and it is unlikely that you will get condensation in New Shipping Containers.

New Shipping Containers may have minor superficial marks and tiny dents that will not impact the purpose of the container or our original pricing.
Storage Container

Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers are our most popular item, and it is perfect for general storage, archiving documents, storing furniture or other large items.

The shipping container will have dents and patches; however, these will not impact the internal storage space.
All our used shipping containers are wind and watertight, weatherproof, vermin-proof, and all the door seals are in working order.

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