Container Transport Services

Seamless Container Haulage

At Shipping Containers of London, we offer exceptional container transport services exclusively for customers who purchase or hire our containers. Whether receiving a 20 or 40ft container, our dedicated transport fleet ensures your container is delivered safely and promptly. Our transport solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges of London logistics, ensuring your container reaches its destination efficiently.

Integrated Hiab Crane Transport for Easy Delivery

A highlight of our service is using Hiab cranes on our transport vehicles. Hiab cranes, integrated with our trucks, are designed to unload shipping containers at locations lacking lifting facilities. These cranes can lift containers over obstacles up to 3 metres high, making them ideal for navigating the tight roadways and streets shared in urban areas. Our service ensures that even the most challenging delivery environments are easily managed, providing a hassle-free experience from purchase or hire to final delivery.

Efficient Live Loading for Your Convenience

We provide live loading services for those needing an efficient loading process. Our truck arrives with the container, waits for it to be fully loaded with your cargo, and then transports it to the desired location. This method is time-efficient and cost-effective, as we allocate three hours for loading without additional charges. This service is perfect for businesses that require swift operations, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Expertise Built on 30 Years of Experience

With three decades of experience in the container industry, Shipping Containers of London has perfected its services to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our team of skilled professionals understands the nuances of container logistics, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you are purchasing or hiring a container, our expertise ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

Get in Touch for Your Container Transport Needs

At Shipping Containers of London, we provide top-notch container transport services as part of your purchase or rental experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your container haulage is handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

Delivery Guidelines

What is container delivery with a hiab crane?
Container delivery with a crane involves using a vehicle to deliver and place shipping containers. These vehicles have a crane arm, allowing them to lift and manoeuvre containers into position.
How far can a truck reach when lifting a shipping container?
The reach of a truck with a crane varies depending on the size and weight of the container and the specific truck's crane capacity. Generally, bigger trucks have better reach, but it's best to inform the haulier of your specific needs for an accurate assessment.
Can trucks deliver shipping containers over fences or walls?
Yes, trucks equipped with cranes can lift containers over obstacles like fences or walls, provided the height and depth are within the crane's reach. It's essential to inform the haulier about such obstacles to ensure the correct vehicle is used.
What kind of ground conditions are required for container delivery?
Trucks need hard-standing ground, such as tarmac or concrete, to operate safely. They cannot deliver on soft surfaces like mud, soft earth, or grass because they risk getting stuck and damaging the vehicle.
Can trucks deliver shipping containers onto grass?
No, trucks cannot deliver containers onto grass because the vehicle could get stuck. They must remain on hard-standing surfaces at all times.
What preparations should I make for a container delivery?
Ensure the delivery site has suitable access, clear and stable ground, and no overhead obstructions. Preparing supports for the container, such as paving slabs or concrete pads, is also recommended to prevent sinking and ensure level placement.
How large are the trucks used for container deliveries?
Trucks vary in size, but articulated trucks used for 40ft containers are around 65ft long. Smaller rigid vehicles are typically around 40ft long. The exact size depends on the container and site access requirements.
Can trucks deliver containers into buildings?
Trucks can deliver containers into buildings if there is adequate overhead clearance for the crane to operate. The entrance must be large enough for the truck to enter, and there must be space for the crane's stabilisers.
What is the weight of a delivery vehicle?
Delivery vehicles can weigh over 25 tonnes for rigid trucks and over 35 tonnes for articulated trucks. Ensure your site and access roads handle this weight to avoid damage and failed deliveries.
How much space is required for container delivery?
Trucks need enough space for the vehicle, the container, and the crane's stabilisers, which extend outwards. Typically, an 8ft wide vehicle requires an additional 5ft on each side for the stabilisers.
What happens if my site has low bridges or overhanging branches?
Low bridges and overhanging branches can obstruct delivery. Inform the haulier about such obstacles so they can plan the route and possibly use a different vehicle or crane setup.
Can trucks lift containers over houses?
No, crane-equipped trucks are not long enough to lift containers over houses. Alternative methods like booking a separate crane may be necessary for such deliveries.
What should I do if I have a tight delivery site?
Please provide detailed information, photos, or videos for tight delivery sites. This helps us assess the situation and determine if delivery is feasible. A site survey may also be recommended.
Are there any additional costs for difficult deliveries?
Difficult deliveries may incur additional costs, such as site surveys, special equipment, or extra on-site time. It's best to discuss any potential challenges with us in advance.
Can trucks deliver multiple containers at once?
Trucks have the capability to transport multiple containers, contingent upon the vehicle and site accessibility. Certain vehicles are equipped to convey two 20ft containers in a single trip.
What should I do if there are overhead power lines near my delivery site?
Please inform us about any overhead power lines requiring significant clearance. For safety reasons, some hauliers may refuse to lift within 20 meters of live power cables.

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