Rent 20ft Flat Rack Containers in Greater London

Why Rent a 20ft Flat Rack Container?

Renting a 20ft flat rack container is ideal for businesses and individuals in Greater London who need to transport or store oversized or heavy cargo. These containers are designed without side walls, allowing for easy loading and unloading of large and unconventional items. At Shipping Containers of London, we offer high-quality flat rack containers for rent, providing flexible and cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Benefits of Renting a 20ft Flat Rack Container

Versatile Cargo Handling

The open-sided design of flat rack containers makes them perfect for transporting and storing oversized goods such as machinery, vehicles, construction materials, and heavy equipment. This versatility ensures that you can efficiently handle a wide range of cargo types.

Robust and Durable

Constructed from high-quality steel, our 20ft flat rack containers are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and heavy loads. They offer excellent durability and security, protecting your cargo during transit and storage.

Cost-Effective Rental Options

Renting a flat rack container from Shipping Containers of London is a cost-effective solution for your temporary storage or transportation needs. We offer competitive rental rates and flexible rental terms, allowing you to rent the container for the exact duration you need.

Features of Our 20ft Flat Rack Containers

Standard Dimensions

Our 20ft flat rack containers have standard dimensions of 20ft L x 8ft W x 8ft 6in H, providing ample space for large items. These dimensions are ideal for transporting and storing oversized goods that cannot fit into standard containers.

Collapsible Ends

The collapsible ends on our flat rack containers allow for easy stacking and storage when not in use. This feature also provides flexibility in loading and unloading large items from the sides.

Secure Lashing Points

Our containers have secure lashing points, ensuring your cargo is safely secured during transit. This feature helps prevent movement and potential damage to your goods.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Designed to handle heavy loads, our flat rack containers are constructed with reinforced steel frames and floors. This ensures they can accommodate even the heaviest of cargo safely and efficiently.

How to Rent a 20ft Flat Rack Container

Select Your Container

We offer new and used flat rack containers to suit different needs and budgets.

Request a Quote

Contact our team to request a customised rental quote. We will provide detailed information on rental rates, delivery options, and any additional services you may require to meet your storage needs.

Schedule Delivery

Once you have selected your container and received a quote, schedule a delivery date that fits your timeline. Our professional delivery team will ensure your container arrives promptly and is set up in the desired location.

Common Uses for 20ft Flat Rack Containers

Construction and Demolition

20ft flat rack containers are ideal for the construction and demolition industries, providing a convenient way to store and transport large materials such as beams, pipes, and other oversized items.

Industrial Applications

Industrial businesses can benefit from flat rack containers' versatility, using them to store and transport large machinery and equipment that cannot fit into standard containers.

Agricultural Use

For agricultural applications requiring temporary storage solutions, 20ft flat rack containers are ideal. They provide secure, weatherproof storage for farming equipment, vehicles, and other large items.

What is a flat rack container?
A flat rack container is a specialised shipping container with a flatbed and end frames but no side walls or roof. It is used to transport oversized or irregularly shaped cargo.
What are the common uses of flat rack containers?
Flat rack containers are commonly used to transport heavy machinery, vehicles, construction equipment, large pipes, and other bulky goods that do not fit into standard containers.
What is the difference between fixed-end and collapsible flat rack containers?
Fixed-end flat rack containers have permanently attached end walls. In contrast, collapsible flat rack containers have end walls that can be folded down to save space when empty.
Can flat rack containers be stacked?
Yes, collapsible flat rack containers can be stacked when the end walls are folded down, making them efficient for storage and transportation when empty.
What is the maximum payload of a flat rack container?
The maximum payload capacity of a 20ft flat rack container typically ranges around 31,000 kg, subject to variation based on the specific design and manufacturer. Similarly, a 40ft flat rack container generally offers a maximum payload capacity of approximately 39,000 kg, although this figure may vary depending on the design and manufacturer.
Can flat rack containers be used for temporary structures?
Flat rack containers can create temporary structures such as bridges, walls, or platforms due to their strength and versatility.
Can flat rack containers be used for international transport?
Flat rack containers are designed for international transport, making them suitable for road, rail, and sea shipping
How do you handle oversized Cargo with a flat rack container?
Oversized Cargo can be loaded onto a flat rack container from the sides or top and secured using lashing points and other securing mechanisms.
Are flat rack containers suitable for heavy machinery transport?
Flat rack containers are ideal for transporting heavy machinery due to their open design and high load capacity.
Can flat rack containers be used for construction projects?
Yes, flat rack containers are often used in construction projects to transport large equipment and materials, and they can also be repurposed as temporary platforms or bridges.

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