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Shipping Container FAQs

How are shipping containers made?

Most shipping containers are made in China, using a standardised design to ensure all modern containers are the exact dimensions. All 20ft containers match these dimensions.


How much do shipping containers cost?

The price of a shipping container will vary depending on market conditions, i.e. scarcity.


How are shipping containers insulated?

Typically Shipping containers are not insulated; however, reefer containers are, occasionally we sell non-operational refrigerated containers to customers who require insulated containers.


How wide are shipping containers?

Most shipping containers are 2.34 meters in width, they can vary in height and length, but generally, the width is always 2.34m


How much do shipping containers weigh?

Depending on the size, small shipping containers (20ft) weigh approx 2,300kgs, and the standard 40ft is 3,630 kgs.


What are shipping containers used for?

Global Logistics mainly, over 90% of all goods are transported in shipping containers; however, once they have been retired from the shipping industry, many containers are being recycled for new purposes.


What are shipping container grades?

Typically five grades exist, but this can vary from 1 supplier to another. Grade 1: New build, a one-way shipping container is considered brand new. Grade 2: Used, these containers have been used numerous times to transport cargo worldwide and are considered suitable for global shipping. Grade 3-5 are retired shipping containers that have varying degrees of wear (grade 3 to 5)


Where to buy shipping containers near me?

If you are in Greater London, we believe we are the optimal choice for your container needs, and we maintain a large stock of containers throughout London.


Are shipping containers watertight?

By default, all shipping containers are wind and watertight; our containers are regularly inspected to ensure our customers receive wind and watertight containers.


Are shipping containers waterproof?

They are wind and waterproof, but it is not a good idea to submerge a shipping container into a body of water.


Are shipping containers secure?

All containers have basic security from being manufactured; however, we can provide additional security measures like Lockboxes.


Are shipping containers good for storage?

Yes, shipping containers are ideal for storage and are becoming the go-to option of business and public enterprises.


Are shipping containers rodent proof?

Yes, they are, but shipping containers need to be maintained over a long period to ensure this is still the case.


Are shipping containers soundproof?



Can I get shipping containers with windows?

These are called modified containers, and we can provide several solutions, from basic windows to windows with additional security features to provide extra security.


Do shipping containers have side doors?

Not with general-purpose Shipping containers, but side doors are becoming more commonplace, with them being manufactured directly to specification in China.

Shipping Container FAQs



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