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Shipping Containers in Slough

Shipping Containers of London provides top-quality, reliable containers for secure storage in Slough. Whether you need them for storing goods on-site or other secure storage solutions, our team is here to help. We offer safe, affordable containers to meet your needs without planning permission.

Our extensive stock includes a range of sizes and options, ensuring that you find the correct container for your specific requirements. Our commitment to excellence means you can always count on us for superior products and exceptional service.

Container Sales

Shipping Containers of London offers comprehensive container sales in Slough. Our selection includes new and used containers, all maintained to high-quality standards. Our service is focused on providing secure storage solutions that meet your requirements. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth purchasing experience, offering support at every stage.

Container Availability

Our comprehensive range of containers includes standard 20—and 40ft options, high cubes, open tops, and refrigerated units. Each container is rigorously inspected to ensure secure and reliable storage.

While all containers are available for purchase, rental options are limited. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect container for your needs.

20ft Containers

40ft Containers

Superior Materials and Durability

Corten Steel Construction:

Our containers are crafted from high-grade Corten steel, renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance and tensile strength. This material choice ensures that our containers are durable and can endure the harshest environments over prolonged use.

Marine-Grade Painting:

Each container is coated with marine-grade paint designed to withstand the rigours of sea travel. This paint offers an additional layer of defence against rust and weather elements, keeping your container in optimal condition regardless of location.

Reinforced Corners:

Our containers include reinforced corner castings, which provide enhanced strength and stability. This feature is crucial for safe stacking and transportation and maintains the structural integrity of the containers during handling.

Advanced Security Features

Protected Lock Boxes:

Our containers are equipped with protected lock boxes to prevent unauthorised access. These boxes safeguard padlocks from tampering or cutting, adding an extra layer of security for the container's contents.

Durable Doors and Hinges:

The doors on our containers are designed with heavy-duty hinges and seals, ensuring a secure, weatherproof closure. This enhances security by making it more difficult for intruders to gain entry while protecting the contents from the elements.

Custom Security Options:

We offer customisable security options, including advanced locking mechanisms and alarm systems, tailored to meet specific security needs for sensitive or high-value goods.

Hiab Truck Delivery

For professional and efficient container delivery to Slough, Shipping Containers of London rely on Hiab trucks. These vehicles, equipped with cranes, can handle the heavy lifting and precise placement of containers in various settings. Our experienced team ensures that your delivery is executed smoothly, regardless of the challenges posed by your site. For more details, refer to our Delivery Guidelines and Container Transport.

Short-Term Container Hire in Slough

Need temporary storage? Our container hire service in Slough offers a practical alternative to purchasing. Available for a minimum of 8 weeks, our 20ft and 40ft containers are perfect for short-term projects and seasonal storage.

Why Hire?

Hiring a container allows you to manage your storage needs without a significant upfront investment. Our containers are maintained to the highest standards and delivered promptly. Learn more about hiring containers in Slough.

Container Uses in Slough


Versatile On-site Storage

Our containers provide versatile storage solutions for on-site needs. Whether for construction, retail, or industrial purposes, they offer a secure and weatherproof space to store valuable items and equipment.



Streamlined Logistics Support

In logistics, our containers streamline operations by providing temporary storage solutions during transit or at distribution hubs. They protect your goods and ensure they are always within reach and in optimal condition.


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